Thrive: Survive & Thrive During Covid-19 Lockdown Crisis

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Surviving and Thriving During the Covid-19 Lockdown Crisis?

There is no doubt that the global pandemic COVID-19 constitutes the biggest global crisis that has been experienced in this century if not the decade.

Yet Zimbabwean businesses must ride out the crisis and not only survive but THRIVE!

Join us in the first of our series of FREE business webinars where our panel of discuss, share insights and make strong recommendations for how your business can come out stronger and more resilient during this time!

This webinar was first flighted on MONDAY 6 APRIL 2020 at 13.30 SOUTHERN AFRICAN TIME

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Oshun is the Yoruban orisha of the rivers, sensuality, fertility, beauty, wealth, art and love. Even today, the ancient mythic stories that surround her offer powerful insight and inspiration into seduction, transformation and feminine experience.

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Women Love Power® is a digital education company, established in 2015, that produces smart, in-depth content for women on power, mastery and sensuality. Our mission is to help ambitious women develop a rare skill-set and worldview that empowers them to live and love on their own terms.

Ayesha K. Faines is a lecturer, thought-leader and founder of Women Love Power® . Sought after for her opinions on pop culture, power and gender politics, Ayesha has been featured in a number of media outlets including MTV, Essence, Hot 97, Afropunk, and The Michael Baisden Radio Show. She is described as a master teacher-- with the rare ability to translate esoteric concepts into ideas that are captivating, inspiring and relatable. She's lectured before national organizations and academic institutions including the University of British Columbia, Indiana University, The University of New Haven, Temple University and others. She is also a featured panelist on 'The Grapevine Show’, a millennial web series. A former TV journalist, Ayesha has worked on-air for news stations in both the Jacksonville, Florida and New York City media markets. She is graduate of Yale University with a degree in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.

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Knowledge is power! For more insight into persuasion, sensuality and feminine power visit

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