Requisition, Purchase & Inventory Issuance

Under which line function does purchasing, requisitioning and inventory fall? *

The purchasing cycle begins with: *

How many quotations should be obtained in order to obtain approval to purchase *

What is the correct document flow in the purchasing modules in Odoo? *

What is a back order? *

What may trigger a purchase process? *

What items trigger a purchase order? *

What details are MANDATORY on the purchase requisition *

Requisition lines define the ... *

What is an internal picking? *

What are the 3 picking details that MUST be set on a requisition

What two steps must be followed in order to get the requisition paid or issued? *

What is the basis of purchase once quotations are obtained

RFPs when confirmed become... *

Which product types can be received? *

What document is created by a receiving action? *

Vendor bills are validated by... *